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By featuring our Fresh Hearts of Palm on your Menu or product line, you will be directly supporting a form of
sustainable  farming, and an alternative to the vicious cycle of slash and burn agriculture.   
Our heart of palm comes from the Pejivaye (Peach Palm), which is a multiple palm.  It is cultivated like a banana plant.  
You have multiple shoots continually coming up but you just allow 3 at a time.  A large, medium and small.  When it comes
time to harvest the large you let the medium become large and small become medium and let another shoot become the
small.  With this kind of crop you can continually harvest from the same field as apposed to crops like rice or beans
where you must go to new land very often and in the rain forest this means cutting the trees down and burning the
stumps to clear new land.  So you can see why promoting
a sustainable crop like hearts of palm is a direct action that
gives farmers in the rain forests an alternative to slash and burn agriculture.     
Our product is cultivated, (as opposed to most of the canned-hearts that are harvested from wild palms in the rain
forest).  It comes from Costa Rica, a country where all workers enjoy medical and educational benefits.